The thought existed for some times in my father’s mind and the idea came from a family that has always practiced this activity for passion, nonprofit; only in 2010, as a result of a positive feedback about the development plan presented, it all began.

Right from the start the obstacles and the difficulties have been remarkable, and finally in 2013 began the real business.

In a period of crisis like the one we are facing in the last few years, why not just start from the beginning: the land and the agricultural sector.

The business projects subsidized by the “Rural development plan of the Lombardy Region 2007-2013” have been two:

“A modernization of agricultural holdings” (Misura 121)
“A diversification into non-agricultural activities -Farm Holidays-” (Misura 311)

These measures provided basically the realization of a multifunctional laboratory, for the processing of raw materials produced on the farm, and the renovation of the existing storage/garage that, up to now, lodge three bedrooms with bathroom and a room for breakfast.

The newly formed company is devoted to the growing of small fruits, vegetable crops and chestnut; some of our production, which now are grown and produced for family use, were diversified (wood, vines and olive trees).

At the base of all our production remains the biological cultivation of fruits, small fruits and vegetables that are processed in various ways and used for the preparation of different products.

With the introduction of the farm house accommodation, we also want to respond to a need of rural hospitality that is rising in the area.


Chiara Canclini